Winery Of The Month

Our Winery of the Month is dedicated to our Australian producers and here to bring you a new range every month. You have the opportunity to try newly released wines from across all regions, all year round. We find that it’s a great way to share their stories with you and support them.


IZWAY WINES was conceived on a handshake between two Aussie wine makers in a chateau in Beaujolais. Brian Conway and Craig Isbel met during vintage at Chateau de Bluizard in 2002 and after many nights drinking pastis they decided to start their own winery in the Barossa Valley.


The wine making is simple and minimalistic, based on old world, hands on techniques. They use all old oak (apart from 2 barrels a year) and age some of their wine in large oak Fudre (2.4kL). They also use some whole bunch winemaking with Grenache and Mataro and only destem (they don’t crush) their Shiraz.


They both love the purity and energy of natural wines and these are the styles that they are emulating. They would like to think their wines have a sense of place, and their winemaking philosophies are based around expressing terroir as truly as possible.


Barossa Valley, SA

  • Grenache 2016

    10 | 48
  • Mates Aglianico Mataro 2016

    12 | 56
  • Maurice Grenache 2016

    18 | 80
  • Rob & Les Shiraz 2015

    14 | 60
  • Bruce Shiraz 2014

    20 | 90
  • Harold Shiraz 2015