Winery Of The Month


A grower, a viticulturist, and a winemaker…

What first brought my attention to this wine was the label on the Juxtaposed Grenache 2016. It was eye catching amongst the other wines in Brendon Keys’s home cellar. I asked him about it, we cracked one open and enjoyed a really perfumed, floral and medium bodied, balanced and long wine with supple tannins, gorgeous mouthfeel; a wine too easy to drink! The next day, I called Wes Pearson, the maker behind the label, and invited him to come meet the directors. We opened a few good bottles together and the whole thing finished much later than planned. This is what happens when you drink wine, you make friends. Wes, also a professor at Adelaide University, has recently been voted as one of the top 12 Leaders of the Industry in the country.

  • Juxtaposed Pinot Gris 2016

    8 | 40
  • Juxtaposed Grenache 2016

    13 | 60
  • Juxtaposed Grenache Tempranillo 2016

    12 | 55
  • Archetype Grenache 2014

    14 | 65
  • Archetype Shiraz 2014

    16 | 75