Since the mid 1980’s, expectations of, and attitudes toward, beer have changed dramatically. In what could be described as a rebellion against bland, main-steam, mass-produced commercial beers, the Craft Beer movement embraces small-scale production and historic, traditional brewing techniques. Some houses find themselves adding unusual fruits, herbs and spices, along with perhaps sour yeast and even seaweed, in search of long-forgotten tastes and characters. Originating in America in the 1970’s, the Craft Beer industry has found huge momentum in Australia and is the fastest growing sector of our beer industry.


Here at The Crafers, our beer enthusiast is eager to support and showcase our local South Australian brewers, and to seek out the best our state has to offer. We periodically host specialty events such as launches and master-classes, announced via thecrafershotel Facebook. We keep our fridges stocked with fun Craft Beers in bottles, and regularly change up those on tap.


We love to discuss our beers and are excited if you’ve stumbled upon something new and interesting you’d like to share with us or would like to see on our list. Bottoms up!