Winery Of The Month

Tapanappa was formed in 2002, an exciting partnership between pioneers of the Piccadilly Valley, the Croser family, the Cazes family of Chateau Lynch Bages, Bordeaux and the famed families of Bollinger, Champagne.

The defining mission of the partnership is to produce Australian fine wines of distinction by continuing Brian’s career-long mission of selecting distinguished sites, matching the climate, soil and geology of the site to the right varieties, and fastidiously managing the vineyard to maximise quality.

Winemaker Brian Croser has a long-lived respect for the land, one of his main principles being “to use the most expressive and unique terroirs of Australia”, a principle which led him to pioneer two great South Australian wine regions, become a highly respected figure in the wine world and craft some seriously good site-specific wines.

Brian and Ann Croser are regular “adornments to our lives” here at Crafers and we feel very special to be able to represent these local legends and to offer you these very special wines.

Tapanappa, Adelaide Hills, SA

  • Tapanappa Riesling, 2018

    12 | 54
  • Tapanappa "Piccadilly Valley" Chardonnay, 2017

    14 | 62
  • Tapanappa "Tiers 1.5" Chardonnay, 2016

    20 | 90
  • Tapanappa "Foggy Hill" Pinot Noir, 2017

    16 | 75
  • Tapanappa "Definitus" Pinot Noir, 2017

    24 | 110
  • Tapanappa "Whalebone" Vineyard Cabernet Shiraz, 2015

    16 | 75